Vanja Bertalan - "Njava"

Vanja Bertalan
Job Description:
project navigation and negotiations with clients

Vanja runs around holding meetings, negotiating technical and other project details with clients. On his way back to the office, he ponders on the subtle approaches to be used in order to inform the production team of all the possible and impossible miracles that he had just promised to the client.

Apart from project management, he plays a role in the production as a connoisseur of PHP, MySql, Actionscript and other relevant technologies. He often spends his weekends at the office, most often because he got carried away, but sometimes also because of work. Due to reasons unknown to anyone but himself, he tends to drift off into researching new ways of optimizing that last remaining SQL query. He also steering the development of \core.web\.

Superhero: punisher
Q3A Rank: 4
WoW: Njava, Tauren Warrior @ Kor\'gall EU. Horde FTW!!!