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Gencove is a New York based group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who know that blood is thicker than water and are making genome sequencing accessible and interpretable.

Gencove Case study key visual
Gencove Case study key visual


Gencove customers wanted to find out more about their heritage and relatives so Gencove came to us. They wanted to show the locations of customer's forebears and how strong the genetic similarities between the customers are in an easily understandable way.

Strategy key visual


As for a way of visualization of locations of customers gene origin, we decided to use a simple map. As a way of visualization of relative finder, we chose to use the "radar" view because the radar in its nature is a system for detecting the presence, direction, and distance of an object. Everything we needed to show the genetic similarities. Also, radar alarms you when something appears very close to you. Something like your relative.


Ancestry map

Interactive and easy to use, we developed an app that shows where have your forebears lived in the past. By simple input of your DNA code, the app shows your gene origin.

Ancestry map key visual

Relative Radar

By entering your DNA code, this app shows genetic connectivity with people from all over the world. Eg. it enables you to find out if you have some relatives you did not know, the percentage of connection and even makes it easy for you to get in touch with them.

Relative Radar key visual


  • 55percent

    of users have opted into relative radar.

  • 10percent

    of all users have made at least one friend.

  • 25percent

    participants have at least one first-degree relative.

Our apps are used by users from every single part of the world.

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