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Lino is Croatia’s sweetest bear and a brand name for kids’ food, cream spreads and cereals. won the best website award in 2017 ;)

Lino Case study key visual
Lino Case study key visual


Lino was rather straight-forward with us:

Let me speak directly with different targets, round up a community around my brand and attract new customers. Make it fun, fortify my brand’s leader positions and think about my new product. Oh, and make it mobile friendly.

  • Logo Lino baby

    Babies and parents

  • Logo Lino Čokolinologija

    All ages

  • Logo Lino

    All ages

  • Logo Lino Kids

    From 3 to 8 years

Strategy is a platform with a very wide target range, with different content needs. With that in mind, our strategy was rather clear. Create a platform consisting of 4 separate websites - each communicating with a specific target group.


Lino Baby

Baby food products platform aiming to position Lino as an advisor, resource provider and a guide for expecting parents.

Lino baby


A destination for all ages and a site to celebrate one of Croatia’s favourite food products - Čokolino. We encouraged users to mix their own Čokolino, speak about their perfect recipe and share their Čokolino moments.

Lino Čokolinologija

Lino Kids

To strengthen the bond between Lino and his best buddies, we developed a digital playground where kids can learn, play games, compete, be creative and hang out.

Lino Kids

Lino Wisdom quiz

The quiz works on growing and expanding kids general knowledge while collecting points throughout the site which can be exchanged for real-life prizes.

Answering incorrectly leads the user on a journey where Lino’s wisdom and some fun facts reveal the right answer on the product page.

Lino wisdom quiz
Lino product page

Product page

What about the products? First we gave them context and connected them directly with their targets through these three mentioned sites. Then, we rethought the products page search using smart filters and redesigned the single product page.


In addition to making Lino bright and shiny, we also did some pretty nice work under the bonnet as well. As for the website performance measurement, Lino is standing out as an A grader. This is how he became the fastest bear in the wood. Sweet, isn’t? Talking of sweet...

Lino performance


  • 546thousand

    users reached in a country with 2.8 million internet users

  • 178percent

    more users over the same period before the launch

  • 280percent

    increase in new mobile users over the same period

  • 350thousand

    games & quizzes played on Lino Kids

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