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Podravka, one of the leading food companies in the region asked us to help them create a brand new communications platform.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Persona development
  • User journeys
  • User Experience & Design
  • System architecture
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Ongoing support & Consulting

Ideas move the heart moves everything else

  • 15+ brands
  • 40+ markets
  • 500+ products


Although the company website we created in 2007 stood the test of time, digital landscape changed profoundly since then. On the other hand, the site wasn’t aligned with company’s positioning anymore and was lacking on consumer appeal.

Main objectives

  • RWD

    Create a modern communication platform

  • Consumer vs. corporate

    Focus on consumers while keeping corporate segment as well

  • Inspire, motivate, provide ideas

    Inspire, motivate, provide ideas and bring added value to customers

How did we do it?

Our audience

To begin with, we had to understand our target audience. Get to know their needs, habits and expectations.

We did online research, conducted interviews and analysed call center data - and we found out that:

  • They want ideas, not just products
  • They want to be told stories instead of pure facts
  • And they want to be guided

User archetypes

Based on research results, we identified 3 main archetypes and created scenarios for each of them

  1. Those who have no clue what they want, but have a general interest towards food

    Let’s inspire them Inspiration listing
  2. Those who have a general idea, but need a bit of help figuring it out

    Let’s create a smart product chooser Product chooser
  3. Those who know exactly what they want, no assistance required

    Let’s maximize organic reach and provide an excellent internal search engine Product chooser

Stories worth telling

We thought of some of the most common life situations and built stories around them. Always looking at things from consumer perspective, we provided specific ideas for each of those situations - such as which recipes to prepare, product suggestions and interesting facts.

This concept was named “Inspiration” and became a central communication point of the platform.

Stories worth telling

Content is everything

Good content gives you all the info you need, great content draws you in.

We partnered with Señor agency and we created content for more than 500 Podravka products and made it shorter, emotional and more fun. And, of course, we brought context to “Inspiration” through short, honest and witty stories for more than 50 real life situations.

Bringing ideas to life

Bottom-up approach

Most people don’t land on the homepage. They’ve far more likely to land through other traffic sources like organic or social. And when they come through those sources, it's mostly on specific content pages.

Having this in mind, we approached each content page as a potential journey starter, and worked on content pages first, then on various listings and category homepages. And then, near the end of the process - homepage practically built itself.

It’s a common approach in web.burza, and it worked out well here as well.

Progressive enhancements

Since we knew content is the cornerstone of the project, we wanted it to be presented in the best possible way. We created several layout variations which adapt to content that’s available, instead of adapting content to predefined layouts.

Relate everything

In order to increase content visibility and tell the story better, we cross-linked the content meaningfully, making user journey smooth and content easy to explore.

Life scenario


One company, more than 15 brands

We knew that brands needed to be presented in a consistent way, yet each one had to retain their individual characteristics. So we created a system with unified information architecture while leaving room for brand identity customization.

Brand screenshot
  • Brand logo
  • Brand product
  • Brand video


Food through storytelling

Each product page is a potential starting point of user journey. Instead of presenting it with just product specs, we packed it with everything that might be interesting to you, recipe suggestions, interesting facts and similar products.

Humanizing product search

Searching for products had to be easy for everyone. We provided guidance but also created a system where they can select and combine product type, main ingredient, meal type, brand, etc. – and get products that exactly meet those criteria.


The soul of the website

Rich and tasty overview of all topics and life situations that we’ve put together. A touch of common sense as well - topics that are currently in season are most prominently displayed, and those out of season are still here but slightly out of sight.

Everything, and we mean everything related to a particular topic is available in one place. If you’re in the barbecue mood, here you’ll find guidelines, tips, a bit of BBQ history, but also specific recipes to prepare and products that fit the occasion well.



Given that this website also contains a full-blown corporate section, creating a navigational system that's not overcrowded was challenging. We found out that most people are only interested in one area at the time, so we simplified things by creating two separate navigation elements, one for each scenario.

Design through iterations

We started wildly with several designers exploring various visual directions. Working closely with the client, we went through numerous iterations and ironed out final look and feel.

Typography & colour

Typography & colour

Content Management

Widgets - Digital LEGO's

We created a powerful system of building blocks so each page can be easily created by combining them, like LEGO bricks. This enabled us to create diverse pages which fit content perfectly, and still maintain visual and behavioral consistency.

Widgets backend
Widgets frontend

Does it speak other languages?

Yes it does! Podravka being a corporation with multi markets presence also brought those nice things to deal with. There are many markets, everyone on them with various data quantities so we needed to support asymmetrical translations and structures.



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Doctrine
  • ImageMagick
  • Sphinx
  • core.framework
  • core.web CMS
  • Twig
  • AngularJS
  • memcached
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS (jQuery)
  • SASS
  • Grunt
  • Require.js
  • Modernizr.js

How about we have some fun while at it?


Regulations are important, so we had to comply and display a ubiquitous cookie notification. We figured it was a bit boring so we came up with something a bit different.

Next to the fact that web.burza delivers more than you expect, I am especially happy with focused and structured project management.

Their new content management system sets the bar high. It is smooth and easy to use and offers helpful advanced features.

Tanja Gligorović Head of E-Communications Department at Podravka

And the results?

They were even better than we aimed for. Our audience now consist of more than 87% consumers.

User satisfaction research
showed that

  • 92% “Inspiration” is a great source for ideas.
  • 88% It helped them discover Podravka products they didn’t know existed.
  • 91% Content is presented in an interesting way.

All key insights went up as well,
but we’re especially fond of

  • 72% increase of organic traffic
  • 175% increase of mobile visitors

And yeah, the project won the MIXX Croatia 2015 award in category „Website“.


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