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Why all this?

RTL, one of the largest TV stations in Croatia, wanted to reposition their online appearance. Main objectives were to clearly separate news, TV and VoD segments into separate websites and adapt each of them to users and their needs.


All about RTL Croatia television programe — shows, movies, actors, schedule, TV news...


News outlet — business, politics, showbizz, lifestyle. Optimized for rich content and fast delivery.


RTL's Video on Demand service. If you missed a show on TV, you can catch up here.

Are the readers going to be the only users?

Nope. Having a long business relationship with the RTL and understanding the challenges in media-publishing industry we realized that if we want to upgrade the reader's experience, we have to upgrade the editor’s and journalist’s one.

On the other hand, the RTL strengthened their journalist team which allowed us and demanded a major rethink and upgrade of their content management system.

Our CMS - core.WEB

Customized to fit exact needs of each project

RTL was already running an older version of core.WEB. We performed a major upgrade and added a ton of new options related to content organization and customization.

One interface to rule them all

Multisite environment for editors

By using shared CMS user interface for all websites, we reduced learning curve, enabling editors and journalists to become more productive. Shared content database also speeds up publishing process and reduces content duplication.

Not just an editor

Widgeting system allows unlimited flexibility

The time of static and predefined layouts is over. The way we consume news has changed, and so did the media industry. Our widgeting system works like LEGO, editors can reshuffle content blocks using drag&drop, and completely change any page in minutes.

Containers and widgets?

What's with all this talk about containers and widgets?

Let's say in a physical world a website would be a city, one container would be a neighbourhood and widgets would be the buildings.

Regular CMS solutions would normally allow you to change only a little in its predefined 'city'.

Drag and drop

Simple and editor-friendly

core.WEB allows you to move buildings within neighbourhoods, make them as big as you want them to be with nothing but drag and drop.

This allows you to emphasize content by making it visually bigger, with all of its contents scaling accordingly.

Is it responsive?

All this flexibility without constraints

You probably thought this can't be responsive as well. Sure it can.

Even if you change the entire layout the website will perfectly scale down for all devices.

Follow the users

Staying in front of trends

Like mentioned before, the way we consume news has changed together with user expectations.

This is why we build specific widgets, making various types of content more attractive.

And the results?

Within 3 months from launch, the results are even better than expected

  • Page Views
  • Users
  • Avg. Session Duration

Which technologies did we use?

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS (jQuery)
  • SASS
  • Grunt
  • Require.js
  • Modernizr.js
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Sphinx
  • core.FRAMEWORK
  • core.WEB CMS

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