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Vipnet is the first private mobile network operator in Croatia and member of A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Best Website in Croatia 2018

Vipnet Case study key visual
Vipnet Case study key visual


Vipnet wanted to increase their online sales and customer base on the website. The challenge was to find out and understand the reasons why users don’t follow through with Vipnet’s online purchase, to make it more user friendly and in as few steps as possible.

Strategy key visual


Research has led us to two target groups, the ones who buy services online and those who prefer the human touch. The solution was to adapt the sales process to fit both groups and also simplify it along the way. After 5 days of the UX workshop with the client, we reached the prototype and tested it on two target groups.



In order to make the site easier to use, we said goodbye to unwanted visual and textual elements, applied Atomic Design Principles to reduce the cognitive overload and to facilitate the learning of the interface.

Simplicifation key visual


People sometimes don't know what they're looking for, so we built the "Assistant", a questionnaire that is able to recommend the perfect service for the user by learning about his habits.

Assistant key visual

Smart Service Configurator

We have designed a smart service configurator which guides the user through the buying process intuitively, allowing him to compare services easily and to focus on the best buy options.

Smart service configurator key visual


With just one click users can get help from an agent, ask for advice over the phone, email, chat or in person at the nearest Vipnet center. We have also modified the system to allow the agent to continue the purchase process from the point where the user stopped on the website.

OmniChannel key visual


The results surpassed expectations, with time to market of only 3 months.

  • 10thousand

    users found the best deal with assistant and configurator.

  • 89percent

    more sales in comparison to previous quarter.

  • 95percent

    more leads in comparison to previous quarter.

  • 25percent

    rise in leads conversion, as well as quality.

We successfully connected Vipnet online and offline sales by allowing users to start a purchase on the web and finish it in the real world.

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