Prototype in 5 days

Prototype in 5 days

UX workshops with web.burza

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Workshops have a main purpose to interpret business needs through UX, UI, design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers while significantly shortcutting the time and finances needed for such projects.

Derived from Google Ventures’ Design Sprint, but also gained from our own personal experience with clients:

UX workshop with web.burza helped us achieve our most difficult goals – to increase online sales and customer base on a website. The team flipped us upside down and through understanding our business needs, but also our customers, guided the whole process until we reached the initial prototype and tested it on our target. After the launch, the project successfully connected our online and offline sales channels.

Ružica Abramović Dragišićproduct owner, VIPnet

We took part at web.burza’s UX workshops twice, due to various projects. Both projects have been developed from the very beginning. It was very important for us that what we wanted to achieve was understood exactly as we imagined (in terms of the business model) in order to make the web interface. Web.burza’s team was very professional. We all liked their easy-going approach through which they gathered all the necessary information and answers in just few steps. Most importantly, their understanding of the project and our business needs led us to better results.

Nikša KrampusIT developer, Direct Booker

Why it works?

This hand-in-hand approach with the client is mostly interested in the reasons behind the project, critical questions and biggest problems. We offer a much deeper understanding of your business needs.

A workshop is a recipe for better project planning without wasting any resources. This practice trims perpetual debates that could run for months and months over e-mails. It asks the right questions at the right time.

Except time, it also saves money. To make a good investment, you have to have a valid plan that you know will work. You can get customer reactions and data from a prototype without costly engagement.

Not only it saves money, it brings money. The return of investment can be great if you build a solution that resonates with people, that is tested and proven to work

How it works?

Workshop is a five-day technique:

Use cases

DAY 1 - Unpacking

Pursuing project long-term goals, understanding the problem and the new vision from every possible angle.

DAY 2 - Ideating

Successful ideation involves collecting and promoting ideas into features. To gain input into the new vision, we use various techniques like feature inventory, Crazy 8s, affinity mapping and many more.

DAY 3 - Deciding

It’s time to start sketching and discuss the pros and cons of each solution! Standout ideas fit into one or more competing prototypes.

DAY 4 - Prototyping

Prototype is a chance to see how good the ideas really are and to get a realistic response from a potential customer. Rather than waiting to launch a product based on a hypothetical idea, you can get customer reactions and data from a prototype without costly engagement.

DAY 5 - Testing

We offer our own large base of interviewees and the tests are guided by trained professionals.

We’ve done a fair share of workshops so far and have made them a standard part of our offer.

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