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“Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map.”

Wayne Calloway

VIDI Magazine reports that at the VIDI WEB TOP 100 2011, in the category “Media, news, classifieds”, Dnevnik.hr won the award for the best site amongst 217 competitors. Yay for Dnevnik! Congratulations to our dear clients from Nova TV!


Nova TV relaunched Dnevnik.hr on June 1st 2011. We were very glad to see the all the positive reponses across social networks, since our responsibility in that project was to do the analysis, planing, design and the front-end.
Today, 5 months later, it’s such a joy to look at the numbers: according to Gemius Audience reports, the reach went up 31,5%, total pageviews went up 65,5% and the site climbed the Top 20 croatian sites ladder from #11 to #8.


After we helped Salveo set up regional websites for their pharma enterpreneurship (BiH website, Serbia website), the time has come for one website to rule them all, the one we call “Salveo global”. We took that one onto a vertical adventure. Instead of explaning what we mean by that, why don’t you just open the site and start scrolling?


Experta Business Academy stepped into the new academic term with a brand new website. We did a thorough reorganization (of the site, not the Business Academy) based on numbers from Google Analytics, and colored it anew and aclean. But there’s more — we did the front-end in fluid html stylee, meaning the layout is adaptable to browser size. Yes, this applies to mobile devices as well. Don’t we just love what technology brings us!

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